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Loft 1865 Nashville
SoHo Vibe Nashville
Urban Uptown Vibe Nashville
Rooftop Oasis
Bohemian VIBE
New Music City Townhouse
Bohemian Boutique B
Melrose Place Nashville
MOD About Nashville
Sunnyside Up Nashville
Haven Nashville
House of Blues Nashville
Rustic Retreat E Nashville
Casablanca Nashville
Bohemian Boutique C
Tennessee Townhouse | Nashville, TN
The Easterly Unit 4
The Easterly Unit 1
Tuxedo Townhouse | Nashville, TN
Cozy 2Bd2.5Bth
Bohemian Boutique A
The Easterly Unit 2
Charming Townhouse W_ Rooftop Deck
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Tuxedo Townhouse | Nashville, TN 

Tennessee Townhouse | Nashville, TN

Sunny-Side Up | Nashville, TN

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Guest reviews

"Not only was this the nicest Airbnb I’ve ever stayed at... it may be the best house I’ve even been in. I am a world traveler & a frequent Airbnb customer & I can honestly say... I cannot wait return to this idyllic place in Nashville." 

— Daniel, 2017 "Tennessee Townhouse"